2020 [HINDI]

Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 5577

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by namannavineet 7 / 10

Predictable story but Great in all other aspects!!

7.5/10 Bulbbul is a unique story circling around a girl who's married to an older man and goes to a Haveli. 20 years later, she's a respected Thakurayan but what follows after is a well written but predictable mystery. The movie is great in all aspects. I loved the performances of all the actors. But I think the character of bulbbul could have been developed better and there'd have been twists in the tale.

Nevertheless a great watch!!!

Reviewed by Anik99 4 / 10


Bulbbul tried to showcase some spiteful traditions and truth of the Indian high societies of villages from few hundred years back in a unique way, but failed to do so. The trailer was misleading, as it delivered mainly the feeling of horror movies, but the movie itself was nothing more than a drama with predictable story. One can easily predict the story after a few minutes into the film. Also, the introduction of a twin was unnecessary as it lead to nothing. Moreover, the color was too much red. I understand it went with the theme, but it felt disturbing sometime. The story was slow, the big reveal was totally messed up. But again, nice try.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10

Good movie, cud hav been better with a black n white cinematography or with the avoidance of the over indulgence of colors.

Set during the colonial regime, men from a village who has history of female abuse turns up dead. An aristocratic man returns from London to the same village. One of his elder bro was also found dead like the rest of the men, his another elder bro moved outta the family's ancestral mansion. People claim that the murders r done by a witch as inverted footprints r found near the crime scenes.

I liked the film as it has the same vibe of The Hound of the Baskervilles. It has a creepy forest filled with year round fog, a chariot, old ruins, big mansion, swamps, etc. The climax is predictable but the story is thought provoking n very relevant. This ain't ur typical Bollywood film with the songs n unnecessary subplots. The drawback is the red color n lack of suspicious characters. Since it is a period film n a gothic horror story based on a folklore legend, the over indulgence of too much color ruined the feel of the movie. Everything is colorful from the peacock feathers to the paan leaf. They shud have aimed at the black n white cinematography for the atmosphere n tone.

One q. Where exactly did the elder bro moved out n why the hell did he come back later n why sleep alone in that mansion.

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