21 Bridges


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 32615

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June 04, 2020 at 02:46 PM



Chadwick Boseman as Andre Davis
Sienna Miller as Frankie Burns
J.K. Simmons as Captain McKenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brankovranjkovic 6 / 10

21 Bridges - Plot with far too predictable twist

Crime action thriller.

Starts with our hero as a child at his father's funeral and some character building backstory, then flashes forwards to our hero who is now a detective with a reputation for killing cop killers, though he doesn't shoot without just cause. The action centres on a night time drugs robbery gone wrong, where 7 cops gets killed. The rest is the pursuit of the criminals.

The decision is made to shut down all 21 city bridges around Manhattan so the killers can't escape, but there's a twist, it appears that the entire police department, except our hero are corrupt, unfortunately the conspiracy is far too predictable.

Reviewed by derrickdamewood 6 / 10

Eh not bad

Yeah there are some overly dramatic spots but they didn't skimp on the action. Simple plot, simple use of detective stuff, and some good bad guys. Not bad if you've already seen Joker, Knives out, Doctor Sleep, etc.

Due to the success of "black panther/get on up" you'll expect Chadwick Boseman to just start yelling something epic in the middle of it haha

Reviewed by timucin_savas 7 / 10

Not bad I guess!

The film was a pleasant surprise. Nothing new here but the camera work and action scenes were marvelous. Although the plot is not original the story was fine with good editing. Interesting take on "Manhattan island", however the script could have been better and acting was average at times. Nice Friday night flick!

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